Dubai to have unified rental contract from March

The revised tenant-landlord contract removes some of the grey areas in earlier agreements

Dubai: From next month (March, 2017) onwards, all of Dubai's property lease contracts will have a unified structure, according to the Land Department. The "Unified Lease Form" is designed to "regulate relationships between all parties involved in such transactions and guarantees the rights of all parties," the agency said.

Landlords will have to download and print contracts from the Ejari website and must provide assurance that all items included within are based on a legal framework that regulates the transactions. Items within the contract will thus be governed by applicable laws, including those related to rents.

If any omissions are subsequently found, there is provision for penalties to be applied. Parties to the contract agreement should agree on the items before signing the lease.

According to Hamdan Al Madhani, Director of Rental Relations Regulatory Department, “The applied unified lease form primarily depends on the legal system, and having unified contracts between...Read more...