Deadly, desperate... futile: Hundreds of migrants who risked their lives crossing river to get into Macedonia are rounded up on trucks and sent straight back to Greece

  • Around 2,000 refugees walked out of squalid  Greek camp and waded across deadly river in bid to enter Macedonia
  • But after reaching the other side they were surrounded by Macedonian troops and loaded on trucks to be sent back
  • About 30 journalists were also detained and fined €500 each for 'breaking the law and illegal entering' the country

Three refugees including a pregnant woman drowned while attempting similar river crossing just hours earlier

Hundreds of  migrants who risked death crossing a treacherous river to enter Macedonia have been rounded up and will be sent straight back to Greece.

Around 2,000 refugees streamed out en masse from a  Greek camp where they have been trapped for days in squalid conditions.

After trekking 6km across muddy fields, they carried children, pushchairs and even a man in a wheelchair as they waded through thigh-deep water to reach a gap in the border fence.

But almost as soon as they made it to the other side, they were surrounded by Macedonian soldiers and placed onto military trucks to be sent back.

Late yesterday, a Macedonian police official said the 'police and army had began returning migrants.'

About 30 journalists, including a Reuters photographer, who followed the migrants were also detained and taken to a police station in Gevgelija.

A police spokesman said the journalists would be released after paying a €500 fee each for 'breaking the law and illegal entering' the country. Read more...


Image credit: Getty images