Cyclone Chapala approaching Oman coast

Muscat: A tropical depression in the Arabian Sea will turn into a cyclone nicknamed Chapala in the coming 72 hours, according to the Public Authority for Civil Aviation.
The storm is now 900 kilometres away from the south coast of Oman with a wind speed between 35 to 40 knots, which is 80-90 kilometres per hour, said the statement.
Medium to heavy rainfall and possible flooding are expected to lash southern parts of Oman including Dhofar and Wusta governorates starting by Saturday.
Moreover, the strong winds will make the sea very rough, and flooding could occur due to the intensity of the rains by Saturday.
The Dhofar Municipality says its prepared to deal with the approaching storm.
Eight were killed when heavy rainfall lashed northern parts of Oman on October 15 and there was heavy property damage.
The Ashoba cyclone made a landfall in June and caused substantial damage to properties as well as flooding in South and North Sharqiyah governorates.
The Public Authority for Civil Aviation called upon nationals and residents to be cautious and pay close attention to the weather bulletins. It also advised not to cross wadis as flash floods could sweep away vehicles.