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The 21st century company.

The large successful companies which were built and gained momentum before the digital revolution are still leading the way in many fields, but turning digital means that more than just the obvious moves need to be made.

It is necessary to look for new operating models, attract more digital talent and redefine the way you measure your business’s success.

Not all 21st century companies are charming startups at Silicon Valley. They can be of any age and belong to any sector (even in the automotive industry). Nike is such a company, as it reinvents production dynamically, by utilizing the three-dimensional printing technology and using social media resources as a marketing tool. General Electric is in a change acceleration process lately, partly due to a sharholders turmoil but also because of external pressures.

Every company should aim at becoming a 21st century one, no matter how big it may be, as nowadays nothing should be taken for granted.

Prof. G J Seriatos

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