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Bottled water: Is it all the same?

No, says a nutritionist who advises people to take a few seconds to read the labels before quenching their thirst

Dubai: When thirst kicks in, we tend to reach out to the closest mineral bottled water we have at hand, without taking a single glance at its composition.

Most of the time, people are not very much concerned about the components of bottled waters, and are less likely to choose one brand over the other, unless it was the packaging or temperature of one bottle that was favored more during that particular moment.

Taking a second to scan the labels on a bottle of water does make a difference, said Nadine Aoun, a nutritionist and dietitian at Medcare Hospital. Drinking water has lots of benefits and is important for our survival, but not every bottled water is the same in its composition.

“People never tend to read water composition since we all know the importance of water and that a person can live 40 days without eating but never without...Read more...

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