BMW CEO collapses on stage at Frankfurt Motor Show

German car maker BMW AG on Tuesday halted its press conference at the Frankfurt Motor Show after its chief executive Harald Krueger fainted during a presentation on stage.

BMW-krueger 1
It was the first time 49-year-old Krueger had represented BMW at the event — the largest motor show in the world — after having taken over as CEO in May.
The car maker told reporters at the event that Krueger’s dizziness comes after a recent trip abroad and was due to circulation issues, media reports said.

BMW-KRUEGER 3The BMW boss was helped off the stage by two assistants and was seen walking away.
Later Tuesday morning, the luxury car maker released a statement saying Krueger’s health is stable and that he is recovering well after being seen by doctors at the site.
“I’m a bit lost for words. BMW will try to redo the press conference at a later stage,” a BMW spokesman said over the public address system at the motor show, according to Reuters.

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