Bitumen, the humble black hero of our modern world

Without it, our world would not be the same place; our cities and our houses would be different, our lives less mobile and generally us less connected. Its what clasps our city streets together and unites cities and countries across immense distances. It provides a backbone for our never-ending journeys across borders.

And so, what is Bitumen? Essentially, it is the residue yielded through a distillation process of petroleum, thou some are naturally found in nature. Basically, it is the black tar most people know it as. It is a fundamental component of the asphalt used to build roads. But it’s not just roads – This valuable material has numerous uses and applications, as it is vital to all kinds of construction and infrastructure projects.

Not only its adaptable and multi-functional, it has several other benefits too. It is fast to set up and safe to use as well as being robust and tough. It is easy to maintain and 100% recyclable, making it the wonderful option for Avant-garde structures, transportation projects to name a few.

Have safe journey’s ahead.

Nazanin Delavar
Managing Director
Nazanin Delavar Trading LLC
Petroleum Products Trader