Bee'ah Rewards Machine being utilised by a visitor (Image credit: COURTESY Bee'ah)

Bee’ah offers chance to win by recycling

Reverse Vending Machines will print receipts eligible for monthly prize draws

Sharjah: Sharjah’s environmental management company Bee’ah has launched Bee’ah Rewards to reward UAE residents for their recycling efforts.

The initiative, launched at Abu Dhabi’s World Future Energy Summit (WFES), offers chances to win holiday packages, Apple TVs, iPads, Nespresso machines and much more.

Bee’ah Rewards will run in conjunction with the Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) that connect consumers to the rewards system.

Participants will be able to deposit plastic bottles and aluminium cans using RVMs that are placed in malls, government institutions, universities and airports in select locations of Sharjah and Dubai.

Once the recyclables have been deposited, the RVMs print receipts with a unique bar code. The user will...Read more...