Uber drivers have won the right to appeal to a panel of five other Uber drivers (Image credit: GETTY IMAGES)

Banned Uber drivers can now appeal in New York

Ride-sharing service Uber will for the first time offer drivers in New York who have been kicked off the service the chance to appeal - but there are strings attached.
Uber deactivates its drivers for a multitude of reasons, most famously for having a passenger rating which drops below 4.6 out of five.
Drivers can also be banned for serious misconduct, such as sexual assault.
But the grayer area for drivers is the various other ways you can be deactivated, such as “excessively” cancelling rides or not accepting enough rides.
In some cases, drivers have reported being deactivated after posting disparaging remarks about Uber on social media.
But now an appeals process - for New York City drivers only - will see drivers up against a panel made up of five other Uber drivers.
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Source: bbc.com