Visibility in the city is very low thanks to a thick blanket of smog the day after Diwali (Image credit: AP)

Angry Indians tweet after Diwali fireworks choke Delhi

Angry residents of the Indian capital, Delhi, are sharing images of smog, one day after Diwali celebrations saw huge quantities of fireworks set off.

Levels of PM10 particulates, considered hazardous to health, rose to 999 micrograms per cubic metre, way above the safe limit of 100.

Authorities had warned that Delhi was in for a polluted Diwali due to factors like humidity and wind speed.

Fire crackers are regularly set off during Diwali but worsen air quality.

Delhi's local government announced last week that it would install air purifiers near roads in an effort to cut the effects of air pollution.

However, visibility across the city was extremely low on Monday morning, thanks to the thick blanket of smog...Read more...