Amazing pre-war car collection on sale

A stunning collection of pre-war cars have been put up for auction and are expected to generate a total of £20 million ( €281 million). The luxurious multitude of motors includes 13 Rolls-Royces as well as models made by Bentley and Maybach.

The beautiful cars are owned by avid car enthusiast Henrik Frederiksen and his late wife, Vivi, who spent decades acquiring the historical cars as part of one of the biggest classic car collections in Europe.

The decision to sell all 48 of the vintage cars comes after Vivi Frederiksen passed away last Spring. Henrik and Vivi both shared a passion for classic cars, particularly cars that dated back before World War II.
From Lagonda to Duesenberg, the cars are all in working condition and have been part of the Frederiksen's collection kept at the vast property of Lyngsbækgård Manor in Denmark.

Frederiksen's picturesque manor, which was constructed as the summer retreat for the Danish Royal Crown in the 16th century, will be the site for the once-in-a-lifetime auction.
Taking place on 26 September, the auction will be the first time that Frederiksen has ever sold a car from his lifelong collection, situated in Jutland.
Speaking an interview to CNN, Frederiksen describes why he keeps his cars at the manor: “This area is a paradise. It's quiet, beautiful, lots of space. It's all very special.”

The majority of the cars are British, American and German made, all pre-dating World War II and all in beautiful condition, with one car, Woods Electric Motor Vehicle dating back to 1905.


For Frederiksen, the charm of pre-1939 cars is all about their uniqueness: “It was a time before mass production, at least for higher quality cars. You can see the hand of the craftsman, you can see the details, the beauty of each component.”

He describes the each car as “a work of art” with an individual story behind it. With the mass demand for cheap, easy to maintain vehicles, classic cars appear to have a rare charm for the wealthy Dane.


Frederiksen has acquired the automobiles from all corners of the world. His 1914 Mercedes 28-95 Phaeton was bought from Uruguay and still has the original Louis Vuitton trunk tucked in the back. Made of leather, the truck was part of the original charm of the classic car.

Source: Daily News
Photo source: Daily News