Almost 100,000 illegals stopped at the UK border: As 1m migrants enter the EU this year, number trying to get into the UK doubles

• The official statistics do not include the thousands of migrant stowaways
• Almost 7,000 people are in Calais waiting to sneak into the UK on a truck
• More than one million migrants and refugees arrived in Europe this year
• Hauliers complain that some of the refugees are becoming more violent
Staggering figures showing the flood of illegal migrants trying to sneak into Britain were released last night.
Nearly 100,000 people have been stopped at our besieged borders over the past 12 months – more than twice the number in 2014.
The shocking statistics are a nightmare for Government ministers – made even worse because the total ignores the thousands of stowaways thought to have made it across the Channel. Further startling figures yesterday showed that more than a million migrants have entered Europe this year – a four-fold increase on 2014.



Credit image: AFP/Getty images