Alabama child missing for 13 years found in Ohio

Birmingham, Alabama: Police say that 13 years after a 5-year-old went missing from his home in Alabama, they’ve found him unharmed — now an 18-year-old living in Ohio.

Authorities told news outlets that Julian Hernandez was found in Cleveland. His mother reported him missing from the Birmingham area in 2002.
His father, 53-year-old Bobby Hernandez, was arrested in Ohio. reports that he’s charged with tampering with records in Ohio to get a driver’s licence and that police say he’ll face abduction charges in Alabama.
Special Agent Vicki Anderson said the FBI in Ohio received information on October 30 that a local teenager may be a missing child. Anderson told that the boy and his father have apparently been living in Cleveland.
Authorities say Julian Hernandez is safe and unharmed.
He was found in part because of red flags raised when he tried to apply for college.
District Attorney Brandon Falls in Jefferson County, Alabama, tells local news outlets that Julian Hernandez’s Social Security number kept coming back incorrect, so he went to a school counsellor to help. Falls says the counsellor realised Hernandez was listed as missing by the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children.
Authorities say Hernandez was 5 when his mother reported him missing. He’s now 18. Falls says it’s unlikely he knew he was listed as missing.
FBI Special Agent Vicki Anderson told he was apparently living in Cleveland with his father, 53-year-old Bobby Hernandez.
Falls says he’s seeking charges against Bobby Hernandez, involving interference with custody. That’s a class C felony carrying a prison term of 1-10 years.