A heart transplant surgery that changed a child's life

Two hours into the four-hour operation to give 10-year-old Hannah a new heart, her surgeon was approaching the most critical stage of the procedure. Dr Nagarajan Muthialu had to suture the aorta of her new heart into her chest with only a tiny margin for error, while at the same time ensuring her lungs were not starved of blood and that tiny air bubbles didn’t travel to her brain.

Dr Muthialu, who trained in India before coming to the UK in 1991, had already removed Hannah’s own enlarged and failing heart and the tubing from an artificial heart machine that had been keeping her alive for the past month. “I had to carefully separate all the structures in her chest, but I couldn’t easily differentiate the heart membrane, the cardiac chamber and the blood tubes,” he says.


Source: independent.co.uk/