42 killed, dozens hurt in Syria car bomb attack

Bomb-laden car detonates in Al-Bab, targetting Syrian rebels fighting Daesh early on Friday

A car bomb in a village near Al-Bab in Syria struck Syrian rebels fighting Daesh early on Friday, killing at least 42 people and wounding dozens more, a war monitor said.

The Turkey-backed rebels on Thursday drove Daesh from Al-Bab, the militant group's last significant stronghold in northwest Syria, along with two smaller neighbouring towns of Qabasin and Al-Bezah, after weeks of street fighting.

The car bomb struck military and security offices in Sousian, which is behind the rebel lines about eight km (five miles) northwest of Al-Bab, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based war monitor, said.

On Thursday, several Turkey-backed rebels were killed by a mine in Al-Bab while clearing the town of unexploded ordnance after Daesh retreated, the Observatory said.

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Source: gulfnews.com