Spinal problems on the increase in UAE

Dubai: The increasing rate of spinal problems in the UAE, even among teenagers, is linked to the lack of exercise and “wrong style of living,” a top spinal surgeon said on the sidelines of the 5th Global Spine Congress (GSC) and the 5th World Forum for Spine Research (WFSR) on Thursday.

Organised by the OASpine, Switzerland, the three-day event began on Thursday at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Dubai, and concludes on April 16.

Dr Imad Hashim, consultant neurosurgeon, City Hospital, Dubai, said that around 85 per cent of the population worldwide suffers from back pain, and in the UAE, the escalation of spinal problems is because of people’s sedentary lifestyle and incorrect sitting posture at the office or when using gadgets. 
Dr Hashim is also the local chair of the organising committee of the Global Spine Congress.

“The top two spinal disorders in the UAE are degenerative spinal problems and spinal cord trauma (which occurs mostly due to accidents). What we [surgeons] commonly deal with is the degenerative process. People here do not exercise as much as people in other countries. They do not even walk because they are always using their cars. They also do not maintain a healthy weight through diet and exercise.”


Source: gulfnews.com